I am unable to select my bank accounts to enter payment orders.

The accounts approved for user identification are transmitted by the bank with the HTD order type. If you have entered new accounts with the bank, your access authorizations in BL Banking need to be updated. To do so, mark the respective bank or several/all banks in the Orders view and press F5; alternatively right-click and select update. The currently valid access authorizations are then retrieved by the desired banks. If you still do not have access to some of your accounts, the bank has most likely not approved these for EBICS access. Please contact the bank about this.


Invalid account number / bank code (BLZ) combination even though account number is correct.

If you are using a correct account number and BL Banking nevertheless indicates that the number is incorrect, you can adjust the verification in the preferences under Payment recording. To do so, activate Permit invalid bank details.


How can I see payments, which were signed or submitted by other users?

There are the following possibilities:

1) Preferences - File transfers - Import transfers from PTK

Then the payments submitted by others are displayed in the Jobs perspective, Sent files tab, however without amount. Furthermore, the original file is not available. See chapter Jobs - File transfers - Sent files.

During updating the overview Sent files the customer protocol (PTK) of the last ten days is retrieved, of which the sent orders are extracted and displayed. If you need to see orders, which are dated even further in the past, you can use a "from-to" query to retrieve the customer protocol over a longer period of time. See chapter Jobs - File transfers - Retrieve file.

2) Preferences - Payment recording - Display signed payments from external files

Then the payments are displayed in the Jobs perspective, Sent files tab, which were not recorded manually, but sent directly.

3) Preferences - Electronic distributed signature - Bank settings - Protocol

Then the payments signed by others are displayed in the Jobs perspective, Electronic distributed signature tab, however without amount. See chapter Jobs - Electronic distributed signature - Signed orders.

FAQ 56

Is it possible to cancel an payment, which was already sent to the bank?

If the payment is still in the list of EDS, i.e. not yet completely signed, then it can be canceled. Please read chapter Jobs - Electronic distributed signature - Cancel order.

Completely signed payments however cannot be canceled anymore.

FAQ 99

How can new countries be made available during the recording of foreign payments?

In the payment recording for foreign payments (DTAZV, CFONB320) there is a drop-down list with countries. In order to add new countries to this list, create a text file with the name in the workspace\payments directory. There enter the missing countries each on one line in the form <Country code>=<Country name>, e. g.

SS=South Sudan

See also FAQ 213.

FAQ 121

How can it be that payments can be imported only partially or not at all?

This may be because the imported payment file contains salary payments. By default salary payments cannot be imported. You can allow the import via the preference General information - Payments - Allow import of salary payments. This preference can only be changed by a user with administrator rights.

See also chapter General - Preferences - General - Payments.

FAQ 131

How to change the list of currencies in payment recording?

Sometimes you need currencies that are not in the list, such as the Chinese Yuan Offshore CNH. Or you want to reduce the list so that only the currencies you actually need appear.

To set up your own list, create a text file named currency. properties in the directory workspace\payments. You enter each desired currency on a separate line in this file, e.g.


whereby they must be valid currencies. Only the entries of the file are then displayed in the list.

See also FAQ 121.

FAQ 213

How can I create payment files for test purposes?

If you need a payment file for test purposes, you can generate it yourself. To do this, record the required payment and save it as a file. See the chapters Payments - Record payment and Payments - Open payments.

Below you will find ready-made test files in various formats. These files use non-existing client and recipient accounts. Therefore, a corresponding message will appear when importing these files. See chapter Payments - Import payment.

FAQ 224

Transfer with three payments to three different recipients in the format pain.001.001.03 (DK V 3.0 - V 3.1)
Base debit (CORE) in the format pain.008.001.02 (DK V 3.0 - V 3.1)
Foreign transfer in DTAZV format
International transfer in MT101 format