File transfers

Settings for the transmission dialog
Display approval option (Fax or digital signature)

When active, payment files are also possible without electronic signature. The application process gives you the option to print the accompanying ticket for a manual signature.

Note: Approvals by fax are insecure and result in significantly greater effort and consequently higher costs at the bank and for you as compared to the electronic signature.
Warn against double transmission

A corresponding warning is displayed if you are trying to transmit a file to the bank that you have already transmitted previously.

Display error messages from the customer protocol

If, after submitting a file, the bank detects an error, it will be immediately reported in a window. This prevents that errors remain undetected, because they are only displayed in the overview after the status has been updated.

Automatic update of customer protocol

Here you can set the time in minutes, which should pass after a file transfer, until the Status is updated in the overview Sent files. The update is performed by retrieval of the customer protocol. With the values 0 the update is deactivated. In this case you can manually update the Status in the overview Sent files.

Settings for the overviews of sent files and signed payments
Display states in colour

With the checkbox set, sent files and signed payments are displayed in different colors depending on their state.

Determine states also based on notifications

If this checkbox is set, states from status notifications are shown for sent files and signed payments.

Allow cancellation requests for all states

Orders that have already been submitted to the bank and are fully signed may be recalled if this is supported by the bank. With this checkbox set, orders that are in a state other than Signatures complete can also be recalled. This may be necessary if, for example due to a technical fault, the customer protocol cannot be retrieved from the bank and therefore the actual state of the order is unknown.

Extract sent orders of other users from the customer protocol

When active, also the orders sent by other users are displayed with the aid of the customer protocol under Sent files. If this setting is not active, only your own transmissions are displayed.

Note: For the orders of other users only order number, transmission time and the status are displayed. Via the context menu the customer protocol can be loaded, which contains the total amount.
Settings for the retrieve file dialog
Preselect retrieval over a period

If the checkbox is marked, the option Over a period of is preset in the dialog box Retrieve file from the bank. If you remove the mark, From the current allocation is preset, when the window is opened.

Show only available fetch order types

When active, only the retrieval order types returned back from the banks by means of HAA retrieval (retrievable order types) are selectable for file retrieval. If this flag is removed, you can select all EBICS retrieval order types but you may see an error message when the bank does not provide this order type.