Retrieve account statements

Statements are retrieved for each account and displayed in the Account overview tab when starting BL Banking or when first changing to the Account Statement perspective. This automatic retrieval is set as default under Preferences - Account information. The retrieval method can be configured separately for each bank under Bank properties - Account statements. The default is From-To retrieval, but with a limit of 100 days, i.e. account statements older than 100 days are not automatically fetched. If necessary, older account statements can be retrieved manually. This is described in chapter Jobs - File transfers - Retrieved files - Retrieve file.

You can also retrieve the latest account statements at any time during the application session. Do so by clicking on Retrieve account statements under Actions in the menu, on Refresh in the context menu or press F5. A query to your bank then determines whether new account statements are available. If so, they are retrieved and displayed. Otherwise, the list in the Account overview tab remains unchanged.


A dialog box appears after new account statements were retrieved (for instance after an application start), which shows the number of retrieved account statements and asks whether you wish to print these. If you click on Yes, the account statements are displayed as a PDF file which you can then print. By setting the Remember Decision checkbox, your selection (either Yes or No) is saved and not asked for again the next time. You can set your decision, including the option to always ask, in the preferences under Account information - Print settings.

First retrieval

When BL Banking is used for the first time or a new bank is entered, a dialog box appears for the first account statement retrieval. This box asks whether you also want to retrieve account statements older than the current ones. The drop-down list gives you the ability to incrementally select the number of retrieval days between 7 days and 12 months.

If you leave the No More Questions checkbox set, as in the default setting, the Create Account History For New Banks? radio button under Preferences - Account information is set to Yes. As is described in the dialog box above, you can also select from the same values using the Period For Account History drop-down list. If you would prefer to see the dialog box after setting up a new bank, you should set the radio button to Always Ask, which is also the default setting.

Notes: Retrieving older account statements greatly simplifies the migration from another electronic banking application, since the historical account statements are then also available in BL Banking.

The number of retrievable days differs from bank to bank. Fewer days may be transmitted than what you requested.