Print settings

Settings for printing of account information
Grouping of the account overview

From the account overview you can download an overview of the accounts as a PDF file. Here you can set the grouping of this overview by banks or currencies.

Print sheet information

Banks generally split large account statements into several pages. You can print the statement information for each page above the transactions.

Repeat statement information on new page

The statement information contain the most important data of the account statement details. If an account statement stretches over several pages, you can configure whether this information is printed at the top of each page.

Print only one account statement sheet per page

If an account statement consists of several sheets, each sheet starts on a new page.

Print only one booking per page

When this checkbox is set, each transaction is printed on a new page.

Insert separator line between statements

Herewith a separator line is printed between statements.

Print bookings with alternating background

For better readability, every second line is highlighted in gray when printing a list of transactions.

Print all booking details

When this checkbox is set, all fields in every transaction that have a value are printed.

Print single bookings instead of batched transactions

If an account statement contains batched transactions, the individual bookings contained therein are printed.

Create one document per bank

If account statements from multiple banks have been marked for printing, a separate document is created for each bank.

Print total amount of the transactions

With this check box set, the total amount of all contained transactions will be printed at the end of each account statement.

Print grand total amount of the transactions

With this check box set, the total amount of all transactions of all account statements will be printed at the end of the document.

Determines whether account statements retrieved from the bank by BL Banking using EBICS are printed as a PDF file always, never, or only after asking.

Print new imported account statements?

Same as previous item, but only applies to account statements that were not retrieved from the bank via EBICS, but to external account statement files that were imported into BL Banking.

Advices and batched transaction files

The two settings described above for printing of fetched and imported account statements can also be applied to advices and batched transaction files.

Print batched transaction files as overview

Herewith you can print newly retrieved batched transaction files directly as an overview, that is without the transactions contained therein.

Order of the bookings

Herewith the bookings are either printed in the order as in the account statement, or first grouped by debits and credits and then sorted by the value date in ascending order.