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This guide explains how to view and retrieve account statements. There are a number of further functions on this subject, which are described in detail in the chapter Account statements.

Display account statements

To view account statements, please first switch into the Account statements perspective by clicking the Account statements button below the toolbar.

Then you see an overview of your accounts. If you have configured multiple banks, the accounts of all these banks are displayed. If you don't see any accounts, this is because never before an account statement has been retrieved.

The accounts are set up at the respective bank and are transferred automatically from the bank to BL Banking.

To view the account statements, please expand the symbol (usually an arrow or plus) at the left edge of the account. Possibly you first need to move the mouse cursor into the account overview to see the symbol for expanding.

Then you see the account statements below the expanded accounts. If an account statement consists of several sheets, it is expandable, too.

Retrieve account statements

If you don't see the account statements you expect in the overview, it could be that these were already retrieved from the bank by another user, and are no longer in the current allocation. In such cases you can retrieve the account statements again.

For this purpose select Retrieve file from bank from the Actions menu or the relevant button from the toolbar. In the dialog box that opens up, first select the bank, from which you want to retrieve account statements. Then click the radio button Over a period of and enter the beginning and end date. Finally select either STA or C53 as the Type of order, depending on the format, in which your bank provides account statements.

If for the chosen period of time account statements are available at the bank, these are retrieved and displayed in the account overview. In addition, the account statements are visible as file in the overview Retrieved files under the Jobs perspective. The file is marked with the order type STA or C53 respectively and is available in its original format, as it was sent by the bank.

By clicking Save as from the File menu or the context menu you can copy the file to any storage location, for instance to import it from there into another program.

To ensure that the account statements were retrieved successfully, you can additionally fetch the customer protocol after their retrieval. In doing so select the order type PTK or HAC respectively from the dialog box Retrieve file from the bank, and set the radio button to From the current allocation. By double-clicking the line in the overview you can open the customer protocol and read the message of the bank about the account statements retrieval.

In rare cases it can happen that a successfully retrieved account statement cannot be displayed. This may be because in the account statement there are deviations from the standard format that prevent further processing. In the overview Retrieved files the account statement is then marked with an error symbol. You could save the incorrect account statement as an external file, correct the error and import the fixed file as an account statement.

Normally, such errors are corrected within a short time by the bank. To avoid to retrieve the incorrect account statement again, you can set the date of the last retrieval to a later value. You can find the dialog box for this in the preferences under Account information - Bank settings.

Export account statements

Via the context menu in the account overview, you can export single or multiple account statements. Using conversions these are then converted into the CSV format. There are three standard conversions called Auszug.txt for statements, Umsatz.txt for transactions and Salden.txt for balances. You can also change these or create new ones, whereby you can select the fields to be exported from the statements and transactions, as well as determine their order in the CSV file. Via the menu item Save as you can save account statements in their original format, as retrieved from the bank.

If you want to export or save account statements regularly, set up an automatic export. This is executed by the program each time, when an account statement is retrieved from the bank. The configuration is performed inside the tabs Automatic exports and Conversions. After that you can test them via the menu item Trigger automatic exports. This function can also be used to carry out the export of previously collected account statements.

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