New mandate

This dialog box allows to create and modify a mandate. In the case of changes to the fields Payee, Creditor ID, Mandate reference, IBAN or BIC, the changed fields are marked with a lamp symbol and a tooltip, which displays the old value. This tooltip also appears during the next recording of a debit with this mandate. When transferring the payment, the bank will be informed of both the new and the old value, and thus the change of the mandate. See also the section Record payment - SEPA debit for the procedure for mandate changes.

Display name

The display name is used for the internal identification of the mandates, e.g. in the drop-down list Mandate in the dialog box SEPA debit. Display names can be chosen freely and are not sent to the bank. You can use them, for example, to create several mandates for the same payer.


Here, you can select one of the SEPA originators, available in the Originators overview, or enter a new one.

Creditor identifier

Select a creditor identifier (creditor ID) or enter a new one. The creditor IDs in this drop-down list belong to the previously recorded originators. For more information, see the section Originators - Record originator - SEPA originator.


Enter the name of the payer here. This corresponds to the recipient in a transfer.

Mandate reference

Assign a mandate reference here, which may consist of up to 35 alphanumeric characters and must be unique. Together with the creditor identification number, it is made known to the payer, so that he can identify the mandate and check its authorization. After entering, the program checks whether the reference is unique.

Mandate signing date

Please enter the signing date of the mandate that is valid for collecting the debit. The signing date must not be in the future.

Debit type

The SEPA payments provides various direct debit procedures for bank customers.

Sequence type

Here you can set whether the payment is a one-time or recurring debit.

IBAN / BIC / Intended purpose

You can find a description of these fields in the section Record payment - SEPA transfer.

Address of the payer

For payers from certain countries, their address must be indicated. Two lines of 70 characters each are available for this purpose.


On the basis of the IBAN of the payer, the country is determined and displayed read-only in this field.

After clicking on Finish, the new mandate is saved and displayed in the overview.