Originators can be transferred into BL Banking in a variety of ways. When you do not select an existing originator while entering a payment but enter a new one instead, this new originator is saved for further use independently of the payment. Similarly, when importing payments, the originators can be transferred at the same time. Originators can also be entered individually or imported from external files.

The originators saved in BL Banking are displayed in an overview showing name and format. The context menu can be used to enter or import an originator and also to access the following additional functions.


You can retroactively edit already entered originators by double-clicking or highlighting these and selecting Properties from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also reach this item from the Edit menu or by pressing the Alt+Enter keyboard combination.

You are then forwarded to the same dialog boxes that you used to enter the originator and which are described in the section under Record originator.

Select all

This menu item is used to highlight all lines in the overview.. This function can also be accessed via the Edit menu or the Ctrl+A keyboard combination.


You can delete one or several previously highlighted originators using the keyboard, the toolbar, or the menu. You are prompted to confirm the transaction in an pop-up dialog box to prevent inadvertent deletions.


This function is similar to the one described in section Open payments, however here an originator cannot be copied into the overview itself, but only into another program.


This function matches the one described in section Open payments.