Periodic payments

All payment types available in BL Banking can also be set up as a periodic payment. This type of payment is automatically provided as an open payment on the respective due date. This payment can then be signed and transmitted to the bank together with the other payments for that day.

Note: The periodic payment is an alternative to the standing order, which is not provided by the EBICS standard. In contrast to a standing order, a periodic payment is only provided as an open payment but it is not automatically submitted to the bank.

The Periodic payments tab provides you with an overview of already formatted periodic payments. A right mouse click opens a context menu with a range of functions.

Create from payment file

You can use this function to create a periodic payment from a file that you already have. You will first need to enter the execution schedule, as is described in the New periodic payment section. You then import the file as is explained in section Import payment.

You can also access this function from the File - Import - Create periodic payments from payment file menu or from the toolbar.

Create payment now

You can also use periodic payments to create immediately open payments. You can use this approach to prepare fully formatted payments, for which the originator, recipient, intended purpose, and amount are known but the execution is performed based on need and not on fixed dates. Do so by simply right clicking on any periodic payment, and select Create payment now.


You can retroactively edit already entered periodic payments by double-clicking or highlighting the payment, and selecting Properties from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also reach this item from the Edit menu, or by pressing the Alt+Enter keyboard combination.

You are then forwarded to the same dialog boxes that you used to enter the payment, and which are described in the sections New periodic payment and Record payment.


Periodic payments can be exported into a file, for instance for later use, or for use in another BL Banking installation. Do so by highlighting one or several lines and then select Export periodic payment. This is followed by the dialog box of your operating system (e.g. Windows Explorer) in which you can enter the filename and path to a local or network drive.

The export is saved in a zip file, which contains two files for each recurring payment. One of the files contains the execution schedule and the other the actual payment file.


Periodic payments that were exported with BL Banking can also be re-imported. A dialog box pops up for this, from where you can access the file dialog of you operating system. Select the corresponding ZIP file in the dialog box and click on Finish. A subsequent window confirms the import.

You can also access this function from the File - Import - Import periodic payments menu or from the toolbar.


You can delete one or several previously highlighted periodic payments using the keyboard, the toolbar, or the menu. You are prompted to confirm the transaction in an pop-up dialog box to prevent inadvertent deletions.


This function matches the one described in section Open payments.