Account properties

You can open the dialog box Account properties with a double-click on an account or the key combination Alt+Enter, or by selecting the item Properties from the menu Edit or the context menu.


In the account overview accounts are named by default with the IBAN or the combination of the bank code and account number. Instead you can also assign your own name or use the description, under which your bank keeps the account. Using the buttons next to fields below you can go back to the names mentioned above. The section Rename account below describes how you can rename accounts directly in the account overview.

Credit limit

Furthermore, you can enter a credit limit for each account. This is not transferred by the banks and thus needs to be maintained by yourself. The credit limit entered can be displayed in the account overview along with the free liquidity. The display is turned on and off via the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the tab or the preferences. See also the section Display account statements for it.

Posting balance

The posting balance and statement date are displayed here as in the account overview.


The formats of account statements and advices, which are configured in the bank properties, are displayed here. See the chapter Jobs - Bank properties - Account statements.

Account group

With this drop-down list, you can move an account to an existing group. See the section Display accounts.

Show value date balances without cash concentration

If cash pooling is used, you can display the value date balances for the subsidiary accounts without transfer postings (cash concentrating postings with GVC 833 and 834).

Opening balance in EUR

If the function in the field above is activated, you can enter the opening balance and date here.

Don't process account statements

This function is used if you don't want to see account statements for the selected account. The statements are then still retrieved, but not processed and displayed. This setting is only effective for the retrieval, but not for the import of account statements. You can also delete the account to let it disappear completely from the overview. For more information, see also the paragraph Configure accounts view in the section Display accounts.

Allow payment recording

This checkbox is activated for accounts that you have created yourself. If you untick this box, you will not be able to select this account when recording payments. For accounts that are configured at the banks and transferred through the user profile (HTD), the checkbox is deactivated and ticked.

Rename account

If you call up the context menu on an account in the account overview and there choose the Rename item, a dialog box appears that allows to enter an arbitrary account description. In the same context menu, you can also apply the Assign bank name item, which applies the account name used by your bank. If you take this step and again open the context menu, the previous menu item will have been replaced by the Apply standard name menu item. This way you can revert back to the original name.