Error messages

When I start BL Banking the error message "Locking is not possible" (or similar) appears. What can I do?

The reason is the installation on a file system, on which locks cannot be generated. This could be a USB stick on MacOS or a network drive (all platforms).

Remedy is found by deactivating the locking via the BL Banking.ini file. Here the line -Dosgi.locking=none must be added.

To find the file BL Banking.ini under Mac OS, see FAQ 19.

FAQ 16

Internal error: Java heap space

During operation, a window appears with the message: "An internal error occurred ..."
If you click the Details button, you also see: Java heap space

You should then give BL Banking more memory by adding the following line in the configuration file BL Banking.ini at the end below -vmargs.


About the configuration file BL Banking.ini see FAQ 154. For Mac OS, see also FAQ 19.

FAQ 18

What does the error message mean?

For the operation of BL Banking an Internet connection is required. The error message UnknownHostException means that an Internet connection could not be established. First you could enter an URL in the browser to check if there is a general connection problem, which also occurs independent from the BL Banking client. Often a disruption of the Internet connection persists only short-time and disappears by itself.

See also chapter General - System requirements - Internet connection.

Furthermore you can enter the URL of the banking server in the browser to check if the server of the bank can be reached. You can look-up this URL in the bank properties by double-clicking the bank in the Jobs perspective. For most banking servers a description of the manufacturer is displayed in the browser.

See also chapter Jobs - Bank properties.

If this check was successful, but the connection still does not work in BL Banking, you should check if a proxy server is entered in the settings of the browser. If this is the case, you should also enter it in BL Banking. Additionally you can also check, if the proxy in the browser is configured via a so-called PAC file.

See also chapter General - Preferences - General information.

FAQ 20

What does the error message EBICS_PROCESSING_ERROR mean and what can be done?

The error message 091116:EBICS_PROCESSING_ERROR (EBICS error number 091116) is sent by the bank and means the EBICS request could not be processed.

The reason is probably that the banking server doesn't run properly at the moment.

Mostly, such problems are solved within a short time. If not, please contact the bank directly.

FAQ 36

What does the error message EBICS_INVALID_USER_OR_USER_STATE mean and what can be done?

The message 091002:EBICS_INVALID_USER_OR_USER_STATE (EBICS error number 091002) might occur during the initialization of a bank connection.

The message comes from the bank and means that the user is unknown or the user is not in the correct state.

Please check the following:

  1. Did you enter the correct access data during the initialization? Is the user ID correct?

  2. If the data were entered correctly, please contact the bank to check whether the user is in the state NEW. Only then a successful initialization is possible.

FAQ 38

What can be done if during the initialization the error https://... occurs?

Check the Host-ID. In most cases this is not correct.

If the URL would be wrong, you would rather receive a

FAQ 39

What can be done if during the initialization the ebics... occurs?
  1. Check the URL: Was is entered correctly?

  2. Enter the URL in a web browser: Can you connect then? Can you connect to the Internet at all?

See also FAQ 20.

FAQ 40

When signing a payment or sending a file the error message EBICS_ORDERID_ALREADY_EXISTS appears.

The error message 091115:EBICS_ORDERID_ALREADY_EXISTS (EBICS Fehlernummer 091115) means that the current order number was already used.

The order number can then changed as follows:

The order number should be increased here, e.g. from A009 to A00A, or from B123 to B1X0.

The reason for this error message could be that BL Banking is located in a write protected directory. See the FAQ 54 for this.

Basic information about the order number can be found in FAQ 106.

FAQ 53

What is the meaning of the error message EBICS_BANK_PUBKEY_UPDATE_REQUIRED?

Occasionally the banks, e.g. the German Bundesbank, change their public key.

The error message 091008:[EBICS_BANK_PUBKEY_UPDATE_REQUIRED] (EBICS error number 091008) means that the bank keys configured in your BL Banking are no longer up-to-date. Please check with your bank to learn if they have changed the keys.

Go to the Jobs perspective and then to the tab Bank connections. Mark the concerned bank and update it. Then, a window might open asking you to check the hash values of the key. Compare the displayed keys with those provided by the bank and then confirm that you will accept the new keys.

FAQ 62

When signing an EDS, a window appears with the message that an error has occurred. If you click on the Details button, the error EBICS_ORDERID_UNKNOWN is displayed.

The error message 091114:EBICS_ORDERID_UNKNOWN (EBICS error number 091114) means that you have tried to sign an order that was already signed by another user. If you update the EDS overview, this order disappears.

FAQ 64

What does the error message "Server returned HTTP response code: 504" mean?

This error message may occur with various requests to the server of the bank, e. g. while retrieving account statements. It means that the server does not respond within a given time.

You can check whether the server of your bank can be reached by typing its address in your web browser. The address you can find under Jobs - Bank properties.

FAQ 123

What does the error message EBICS_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED mean and what can be done?

The error message 061001:[EBICS_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED] (EBICS error number 061001) comes from the bank means that the keys you use do not match with the keys at the bank. It could also mean that your bank connection is not yet activated at the bank.

You could try to find the correct keys, for example from a backup or from another USB stick. The key files are located in the directory workspace/keys/<UserName> and have the names <N>.keybag, where N is the internal number of the bank.

If this is not possible, you need to reinitialize your bank connection. To do this, you first need to contact your bank to reset your connection. You can then perform the initialization by selecting Restore initialization from the context menu of the concerned bank. Finally you need to send (or fax) the new INI letter to the bank and wait for being activated.

See also chapter Jobs - Bank connections - Block bank access.

FAQ 127

What does the error message (Connection timed out: connect) mean?

This means that the bank server does not respond within the given time interval.

The timeout for Connect und Read is set to two minutes by default, but can be configured in the BL Banking.ini file by adding the following lines.

Connect-timeout: -Dde.businesslogics.banking.timeout=<time in milliseconds>

Read-timeout: -Dde.businesslogics.banking.readTimeout=<time in milliseconds>

It should not be necessary to change the Connect-timeout, but for the Read-timeout it could be required to be able to retrieve very large files from the server. Sometimes the server needs more than two minutes to deliver a file.

See also FAQ 20 and about the configuration file BL Banking.ini FAQs 154 and 19.

FAQ 149

What does the error message during the initialization mean?

When entering the license number during the initialization the error message Connection refused: connect appears.

This means that the connection to the Internet doesn't work.

In this case one should proceed as in case of an UnknownHostException. See FAQ 20.

FAQ 151

Where is the log file located?

If BL Banking does not start, the log file can help to analyse the error.

The log file is named .log and is located in the directory workspace\.metadata below the program folder.

To make the file visible under Windows, please click Organize in the file manager (Windows Explorer) and there choose Folder and search options. In the window that opens thereupon select the View tab. There unselect the checkbox Hide extensions for known file types and under Hidden files and folders choose the option Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

FAQ 159

What is the meaning of the error message "Min length of 1 undershoot." that appears, when an external SEPA file is sent?

This error message means that a tag without content is used in the SEPA file. This is not allowed. If there is no content, then the tag should not appear at all, e.g. for the unstructured remittance information, a tag of the kind

<Ustrd> < /Ustrd>



is not allowed.

FAQ 210