General information

Refresh user profile (HTD) automatically

When this checkbox is set, the user profile is automatically updated with each start of BL Banking by means of the order type HTD.

Check free disk space

When BL Banking is started, the program checks whether at least 50 Mbytes of storage space is available in the workspace directory.

Use manual proxy configuration

You should only activate this checkbox when automatic proxy selection does not work. You will then be prompted to enter the proxy connection data.

Note: The checkbox is set and the connection data is present if you have already provided this information at the first start of the application.
Write EBICS traces

This option determines whether the application should record special detailed error logs for improved error analysis. You should only uses traces after consulting with your support specialist.

PDF program

You can select your own PDF display program here. If this is left blank, the default program for opening files with .pdf extensions is called.

Open files with

This lets you determine which display program is used to display files if they are opened from the context menu. Otherwise the default display program is used here. If no display program is defined for Windows, it makes sense to select an appropriate one here, e.g. the editor/Notepad or Wordpad.