First initialization


BL Banking is usually delivered via e-mail. In the mail you can find the license number and a link to the installation program, from where you can download the file to your computer.


Then please start the installation program. If BL Banking is already installed on your computer, a dialog box will be displayed that asks you whether you want to update the existing installation or newly install the application in another folder.

To move to the next step of the setup wizard, please click the Next button.

Note: In the software edition at hand the name of the program possibly differs from the BL Banking shown in the screenshots here.

Please indicate the destination directory in which to install BL Banking. If you have administrator rights for the computer, you can choose the default program folder of your operating system here (e.g. C:\Program Files\blbanking). Then you need to specify the Workspace directory in another window. The user of the program must have write access on this folder. Instead you can also install in a directory, where users without administrator rights have write access, e.g. C:\blbanking. If you plan to install BL Banking on a USB stick, insert it into a free USB port on your computer and enter the corresponding drive - e.g. E:\blbanking - or the path to the USB stick as the target folder.

Please indicate the folder for the application links that will be used used to start BL Banking.

Please provide additional information, such as whether to create a shortcut on the desktop.

After the click on next BL Banking will be installed on your computer.

Click on Finish to end the setup wizard and to start the first initialization.

If you only want to install the program, while reusing existing data from an old installation, the first initialization is not required. In such a case, please clear the checkbox Run BL Banking and click on Finish. Now use your file manager to copy the subdirectory workspace in the program folder of the old installation into the program directory of the new installation. If you then start BL Banking again, all existing data and bank connections will appear.

First initialization

Please enter your 11-digit license number, which you received with the e-mail, into the Licence number field.

Please select the Create new keys radio button and then enter your user-specific password into the Password and Re-enter fields. This protects the keys file and must also be entered whenever you transmit and sign orders.

In the evaluation version all fields of this entry window are already filled in. If you use a license for a real bank and the fields are partly empty, please enter the missing values here. You can gather them from the access data you received from your bank.

Note: Your bank account must be reset on the bank side before the first initialization, i.e. it must be in the state New. If you are not sure whether this the case, please contact your bank.

Please enter the folder in which you want to store your keys in the Key directory field. You can for instance store them on a USB stick to keep them safely and separate from the application.

Now please click on Finish to close the setup wizard. The initialization letter will then be displayed in a window. In the evaluation version you can close this window. On the test banking server of Business-Logics a bank account is generated for you automatically, which you can use with BL Banking.

If you don't use the evaluation version, but instead have installed the program with a connection to a real bank, you need to print the initialization letter, sign it and send it to your bank. Your bank account will then be activated by your bank.


Normally you can update BL Banking from within the program by calling up the option Update application from the Help menu. In case this is exceptionally not possible, for instance because you use an older version, you can also perform the update manually. To do so, reinstall the program, while keeping the existing bank connections and data intact.

To make sure that you install the latest version of BL Banking, download the installation file suitable for you operating system.

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32 bit n/a n/a
Notes: Before you start with the installation of the program, please backup your workspace directory by copying it to a different storage location, e.g. a network drive.

If you update a multi-user installation, please make sure that all users are logged off.

To install the program please follow the guide Installation, section Installation. Usually you will be offered to update the existing installation or to reinstall the application into a different directory. If there is only one installation of BL Banking on your computer, click on Yes, update the existing installation. Otherwise choose the directory of the installation, which shall be updated.

When you have reached the step Completing the BL Banking Setup Wizard, please click Finish. BL Banking should then start and be ready with all data and bank connections as before the update.

However, if instead a window appears, which asks you for the license number, please click Cancel. Then delete the workspace subdirectory inside the directory, into which you have installed BL Banking and copy the workspace directory, which you had backed up before, back here. After that you can restart the program with all data.

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