Update application

If you have activated the Automatic updates function in the preferences, a check is performed with each start of the BL Banking application as to whether a new version of the software is available. You can also perform this check manually with the Help - Update application menu item.

If an update for BL Banking is available, a dialog box appears with the corresponding message, asking whether to install the update now. If you click on Yes, the new version is downloaded and automatically installed. You will then be asked whether you want to restart BL Banking so that the changes become effective. Click on Yes here as well.

Notes: If BL Banking is installed in a directory, where you don't have write permissions, you are not offered an update and also cannot launch it manually. In this case the program must be started by a user with administrator rights, who can then apply the update.

You can also perform an update by copying the new program files. You can find instructions for this in chapter Quick guides - Installation - Update.