Recall SEPA payments

As described in chapter Payments - Signed payments - Recall SEPA payments, SEPA payments that have already been submitted to the bank and have been fully signed can be recalled under certain conditions.

In this overview, you can recall orders that contain SEPA payments. To do this, select the order in the overview and choose Recall SEPA payments from the context menu. The further procedure is the same as under Signed payments.

Orders that contain multiple collectors cannot be recalled in one operation. In such a case, you must recall the payments or collectors contained therein individually. To do so, choose Display payments from the context menu and then you can recall the payments individually in a separate overview. For more information on this overview, see the section Display payments.

After a cancellation request has been sent to the bank, it appears here in the overview with the order type C55. Furthermore, the status of the order, which was recalled, changes. If all payments in the order have been recalled, the note (cancellation requested) is appended to the status. If an order contains multiple collectors and not all of them have been recalled, the order is marked with the status (cancellation partially requested).

By calling up the context menu again on a recalled order, two more menu items are activated. You can view the details of the cancellation request by choosing Properties of the cancellation request. A click on Protocol of the cancellation request displays the bank protocol of the recall.

If you try to recall an order again that has already been recalled, an additional window appears and asks you to confirm this.