Recall SEPA payments

SEPA payments that have already been submitted to the bank and have been fully signed, can be recalled if the bank supports this feature. For this purpose, the bank must provide the order type C55 and must be able to process orders in the format camt.055.

To recall a SEPA payment, select it in the overview and choose Recall SEPA payments from the context menu. You can also recall multiple payments together, but only if they belong to the same order and the same collector. A collector consists of multiple payments, which have the same order type, originator account, execution date and other data.

Clicking on the menu item opens a dialog box to specify the reason for the recall, which you can select with a radio button, as well as enter additional information in a text field. Then the accompanying ticket is displayed, where you can see data from the original order, such as the total of payments. When you recall individual payments, you can also display the details, which is not possible if you recall all the payments of a collector together. By clicking on the Recall button, a cancellation request is sent to the bank.

If you do not have single signature authorization for the order type C55, another subscriber must sign the cancellation request. As with all payment orders, this is done in the view Electronic distributed signature. In contrast, for a recall with single signature, the note (cancellation requested) is immediately appended to the status as soon as the overview is updated.

You can see the cancellation request the Sent Files view. There you can also recall entire orders instead of individual payments, as it is here. A description of this can be found in chapter Jobs - File transfers - Sent files - Recall SEPA payments.