New Account

From the context menu in the overview, you can call up the dialog box for creating a new account. You can choose between an account with IBAN or German account number or an account with a foreign account number. Both dialog boxes are almost identical and differ only when entering the bank connection.


This drop-down list displays the banks available in your system. If you wish to create an account for a bank not listed here, you must first set up a new bank access. This is described in chapter Jobs - Bank connections - Set up bank access.

Name / Description

Here, you can optionally enter any name and a description. The name is displayed in the Account drop-down list when entering a payment.

Account owner

The name that you enter here appears in the Client field during payment recording.

Bank connection

For entering the bank connection, the fields Account number, Sort code, IBAN and BIC are available. For an account with IBAN or German account number, at least an account number and sort code, or an IBAN must be entered. Depending on the setting Allow invalid bank connection in the preferences under Payment recording, the entries are checked for validity.

If you have entered account number and sort code, you can convert them to IBAN and BIC by clicking on one of the buttons Calculate or Determine, which automatically fills in the corresponding fields.

Note: The conversion is carried out according to the complete rules of the German Bundesbank for the determination of IBAN and BIC from account number and sort code for the German payment area. Especially the standards for the check sum calculation of account numbers is considered. The program uses the current BLZ file of the German Bundesbank as the data basis. Hence, deletions and changes of sort codes are included in the conversion.

During the entry of the sort code, auto-completion is available for convenience. This is described in chapter General - User interface - Dialog boxes.

In the dialog box for an account with a foreign account number, the checks and entry help are not available. Also, the field Sort code is called Bank code here. At least an account number and a BIC must be entered.

Note: When entering the bank connection, you should generally consider, for which payment type the account should be available. For example, if an account has only an account number and bank code, this can be used when entering a foreign transfer (DTAZV), but not for a SEPA transfer. Conversely, an account containing only an IBAN can be selected for a SEPA transfer, but not for a foreign transfer.

Select the currency from the drop-down list.


After you have filled in all mandatory fields, you can immediately complete the entry by clicking on Finish. In contrast, if you click the Next button, the dialog box Permissions opens. This allows you to grant or revoke access to this account for the users set up in the program. You can also make this setting in user administration. See the chapter General - General functions - User administration - Account permissions. Please note that this setting is only effective locally in the program, but does not affect the permission assigned by the bank.