Print account statement data

You can print entire account statements but also individual transactions. When selecting the data to be printed, you can arbitrarily highlight individual, several, or all rows in all levels within the account and transaction overview for printing, as is described in the Account statements - Levels section.

Two different print formats are available - Account Statements and Transactions. The printing format is decided by whether the Account overview or Transaction tab is currently selected. Only the rows highlighted in each case are output. If no row is highlighted, the Print button in the toolbar, the menu item under File, and the keyboard combination Crtl+P are disabled.

Note: Printing in BL Banking generally means that data is formatted in a printer-compatible layout and is then displayed in a PDF file. The actual printing is the performed via the corresponding function of the operating system in use (e.g. Windows) and the printer connected to the computer or the network.
Print account statements

If the Account overview tab is activated, the highlighted rows are output in portrait format with all settings available in the preferences enabled.

Print transactions

When selecting transactions for printing, it is possible to initially highlight individual accounts or account statements. The selection can then be further refined within the Transactions tab. The filter function (refer to section Filter transactions) can be used as an aid. Transactions are output in portrait format and show a grand total amount at the end. The settings available in the preferences only apply to transactions.


The Account information - Print settings items in the preferences contain several options to configure the printout according to your needs. For instance, these include whether only one transaction is printed or whether all transaction details are output.

Print account overview

In addition to printing account statements and transactions, it is also possible to print an account overview. Right-click on the Account overview tab and select the Print account overview item from the context menu. This results in a landscape format printout of a listing with one row per account and the columns as in the tab, including the totals for all accounts.