Account statements

The Account Statement field primarily addresses retrieving and displaying account statement data. Moreover, BL Banking has the ability to print and export this data and to convert it into independently defined formats. The software also supports importing account statements and advices, as well as the processing of DTI files.

Clicking on the Account Statements button below the toolbar brings you to the perspective of the same name, which in turn consists of several tabs with the individual functional areas and a display of the account statement details. The individual functions can be accessed via the context menu in the respective tab but also in part via the menu and the toolbar.


The account statement display is divided into the two tabs Account overview and Transactions, and is structured into four levels.

  1. Accounts
  2. Account statements
  3. Account statement sheets
  4. Transactions

As with all BL Banking overviews, several rows can also be selected here by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key while highlighting individual or a range of cells with the mouse. Most functions in the account statement field can be applied to cells highlighted across several levels.

Note: Expanding and selecting rows is described in chapter General - User interface - Overviews.