Austrian tax office payment

The Austrian tax office payment is a SEPA transfer, where duties to be paid are specified in a defined way as intended purpose. The account of an Austrian tax office with name, IBAN and optionally BIC is entered as the payee. The entry of the other fields is described in section SEPA transfer. In the overview of payments and sent files, the tax office payment is displayed in the same way as all other SEPA transfers with the order type CCT.


Clicking on New opens another dialog box, in which you can enter the duties. The Modify button also opens this window, whereupon the selected duty is displayed for editing. With Delete you can remove the duties marked in the list. After recording, the sum of the duties and the assembled intended purpose is displayed read-only below the table.

Tax number

This is a mandatory field for entering the tax number. It is transferred to the field Reference in the SEPA file and can be seen there in the accompanying ticket when signing. Even after that, if you print the payment or the transmission report from the respective overview, the tax number is displayed in the PDF document under Reference.

Click on Finish to finalize the payment data entry.