The Balances tab in the lower part of the perspective displays a view with booking balances and value date balances. The value date balance refers to the balance of all advised transactions for an account at a certain point in time, without the transactions that have already been booked but not yet posted. Value date balances are not provided by the bank — these are instead calculated by the BL Banking application.

Whenever these can be calculated, all value date balances of an account are always shown, regardless of highlighted account statements and transactions or set filters. if a different account is selected from the account overview, the display of value date balances also changes. If several accounts in the account overview are selected, the value date balance of the top account in the list is displayed.

If an advice was retrieved for an account, balances are displayed in the Value date balance incl. advices column which includes the transactions from the advice. Please note that these figures refer to future balances and have not been posted. They are displayed merely for informational purposes. You can find more detailed explanations about this topic in the section Advices.

The value date balances can be displayed both in tabular form, and as a line chart.

Balance lists

The tab Balance lists in the lower part of the perspective contains an overview with balances for selected accounts and a given period of time. Below the accounts the sums are shown in an additional line. Via the New button you can create groups and add the desired selection of accounts to them. These groups are independent from the account groups described in the section Display accounts. Via Start date and Number of days you can set the period of time.