Additional originator data

Enter additional originator data here.

Name 2, Street Address, City

Enter the complete address of the originator. This is mandatory for international payments.

Note: The Name 2 field is a supplement to the Originator field on the previous page of this wizard. The Specification of Data Formats issued by the German Banking Association (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft) provides 2 fields each for the names of the originator, payee, and the bank.
Contact person

Enter the name and telephone number of a contact person at the originator for any follow-up questions by the originating bank.


This field can be left blank by the originator. The data is not forwarded to the recipient. You will need to use the reference field on the first page for this purpose. Up to 27 numbers, letters, and special characters are permitted here, of which no more than 16 digits are transferred to the account statement. However, this requires consultation with the bank.

Customer number

This is a mandatory field and has the customer number of the record originator assigned by default. You can alternatively also enter a file reference based on an agreement with your bank. A number with up to ten digits is permitted.

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