Bank instructions

This page is used to enter instructions to the bank.

Fee account

If you intend to settle fees through an account different than the one used for the payment order itself, you can enter this account here. For this purpose, the account must be activated by your bank for EBICS use, i.e. usable by BL Banking.

Charging scheme

Here, you can determine who will pay the fees for the international payment. This and the following fields are only activated if you selected one of the payment methods 20 to 23 or 30 to 33, i.e. Raise a cheque, on the first page of this wizard.

Notes: We recommend method Fee divided up as follows. The All fees and expenses chargeable to client can result in partly considerable retroactive fee demands charged to you by the beneficiary bank. Along the same lines, the All fees and expenses chargeable to beneficiary arrangement can result in fees being deducted from the payment amount and in a correspondingly reduced amount being credited to the beneficiary.

Since the divided fee arrangement only results in charges that the respective banks have agreed with their customers, the fees are predictable and known in advance.

Instruction keys 1 to 4

Here, you can instruct your bank or the beneficiary's bank, for instance to inform the beneficiary about the payment by phone.

Additional information

In this field you can enter up to 25 characters to specify for instance a telephone number, telex, or telegram.

After that click Finish to complete the payment entry.