Domestic payments

Can I transmit an CSV file directly as a DTAUS payment file in BL Banking?

A CSV file or Excel list in a proper format can be converted by BL Banking directly into a DTAUS file. The individual columns must be separated by semicolon. The values must not be enclosed in quotes. The date format is YYMMDD, the amount format 1234.45 with period as the decimal point and without thousand separator.

Hint: To enter a number with leading zeros with a spread sheet program (e.g. Excel) into a CSV file, you must prepend an apostrophe, because otherwise the leading zeros will be truncated. This is important for example for importing DTAUS debits, because here the text key starts with a zero.

Note: In spread sheet programms, like for instance Excel, separators are not displayed and decimal points are either not correctly shown or even alterer. Therefore, please use a text editor to edit the CSV files.

Also see FAQ 44.

Note: Since version 1.10.35 you can configure the columns of the CSV file. The example file specified here is therefore no longer necessary. It is also possible to send Excel files. See the chapter Jobs - File transfers - Sent files - Send file.

FAQ 14