Bill of exchange

This dialog box is used to record a French bill of exchange (LCR).


Select the account of the originator here. Further information you can find in the section Transfer.


You enter this name when first using the feature and is generally the account name. This entry is stored for future use and is displayed in the Originators tab.

Sender ID

Please enter the sender ID here, which consists of up to six digits.


The SIREN is used to uniquely identify businesses and institutions in France. Please enter the SIREN of the creditor here.


Here you can enter the drawee, which is then saved too, to be used for future bills of exchange.


The RIB consists of a 5-digit bank code, a 5-digit branch code, an account number made up of eleven digits or characters and a verification key of two numbers between 01 and 97.


Please enter the SIREN of the drawee here.

Amount in EUR

Enter the amount in Euro here.

Expiration date

Please indicate here when the bill of exchange is due.