Domestic transfer

The transfer described here is the French domestic credit notice.


This dropdown list displays all the accounts that you as the client can use for this payment. In most cases, these are the same accounts that are displayed in the Accounts overview. However, it is possible that this list contains fewer accounts, for example, if you as a bank user do not have authorization for an account or an order type, or if for an account, details about the bank connection required for this payment type are missing.


You enter this name when first using the feature and is generally the account name. This entry is stored for future use and is displayed in the Originators tab.

Sender ID

Please enter the sender ID here, which consists of up to six digits.


You can select a payee from the drop-down list or enter a new one, which will then be saved to be used for future transfers.


The RIB consists of a 5-digit bank code, a 5-digit branch code, an account number made up of eleven digits or characters and a verification key of two numbers between 01 and 97.

Amount in EUR

Enter the amount in Euro here.

Intended purpose

Here cou can enter the intended purpose, for which there are up to 31 characters or digits available.

Execution date

Enter the date on which the payment is scheduled for execution here. When you enter multiple payments with different execution dates and then sign these jointly, these payments are listed individually in the accompanying ticket.