The French version of BL Banking allows to use hardware tokens with client certificates for the initialization at the bank. The bank will issue the tokens along with an authentication software and a password to unlock the token.

Before you start the initialization install the authentication software. Then insert the token into a free USB port of your computer. The operating system (e.g. Windows) will then install the driver for the token. Wait until this process is completed and the token is ready to use.

Then go ahead with the initialization. Although the token is used for the authentication to the bank, you still have to enter a password, which will be used to logon to the BL Banking program.

Next tick the checkbox Activate EBICS-TS. Then click the Search button and navigate to the folder, where the driver for the token is located. Make sure to choose the correct driver for your operation system (e.g. Windows) and the version of BL Banking (32 or 64 bit).

If you have selected the correct driver, another window appears prompting you for the password of the token, which you have received from your bank. If the driver is not correct, this window will not show up.

After you entered the password, the fields PKCS#11 slot and Certificate will be populated with values from the token. You might have to choose different values as appropriate. Please refer to the information you received from the bank for this.