Create report file

With this dialog box you create a report file, which you export into a directory on your computer or onto a drive of your internal network. After that you submit this file electronically to the Bundesbank. Information about this you can find on the website of the Bundesbank in the menu Service under ExtraNet.

Note: Please note that the submission of report files to the Bundesbank is conducted outside of BL Banking, hence the program has no information about their state.

If there are incomplete or invalid notifications under the selected month in the overview, a message is displayed below the headline. In this case please click the Cancel button and correct the notifications.

Export directory

Please enter the directory here, into which you like to export the report files. By clicking the Browse button the files dialog opens, which allows you navigate to a storage location on your computer or to a drive on your internal network.

The filename of the XML-File to be submitted is composed of the character string awzel, the current report month und the company number, e.g. awzel_201306_12345678.xml. The company number is described in section Create participant.


From the drop-down list you can select an already existing participant as the originator or by clicking the New button you can open a dialog box and then create a new participant, as described in section Create participant.


This field contains the creator of the AWV notification, in case he is not identical with the sender. If this is not the case, you choose the empty entry from the list.


This filed is optional and can be used for messages of the sender.