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With this dialog box you can edit the data of participants.


Please enter the data about company, institute or data center here.

Institute ID

This number, consisting of a 8-digit numeral, serves for identification of the company, institute or data center, which creates the notification. Credit institutions are requested to state their particular bank code. For individuals the company number 00999995 is provided.

You can find further information about the company number (a.k.a. reporting number) on the website of the German Bundesbank under Service - Reporting systems - External sector - Electronical submission.

Institute name

Please enter the name of the company, institute or data center here.


You can record the address with the fields Street, Post office box, Zip code, Town and Country.

Contact person

Please provide the information of a contact person or department here.


You can record the contact person or department with the fields Title, First name, Surname and Department. The field Surname is mandatory and can be used both for a person or a department.


A valid phone number consists of a string of digits. The area code can optionally be marked with "()" or "/"; the extension can be prepended by "-". Spaces for easier reading are allowed.


Here is the same format as for the phone number.


A valid e-mail address has the format String@String.DOMAIN, where DOMAIN is a 2 to 4-digit domain identifier. You can enter either personal or a functional address.

Extranet ID

In this field you enter the user name of the Bundesbank ExtraNet if such a name exists. It consists of eight characters and begins with EXN.