Block bank access

As a user, you can block your access to a bank. This does not affect other users at this bank. To do this, right-click on the bank and select Block bank access from the context menu. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm that the bank access should be blocked. If you confirm with Yes, you will be prompted to enter your password. A red symbol will then appear next to affected bank in the overview of bank connections.


If you want to restore access to a blocked bank you need to click on the Do initialization menu item in the same context menu as above. As was the case for the first initialization, the INI letter is displayed. You will need to print, sign, and send this letter to your bank. This procedure matches the one described in section Initialize bank access.

Note: If you blocked your own bank access, your bank is not required to reset your user. However, as is the case for any initialization, it must reactivate access.