Initialize bank access

The initialization is performed after a bank is set up. If successful, a PDF document showing the initialization protocol (INI letter) is displayed. It must be sent to your bank according to the bank's instructions. This procedure was already performed during the first initialization (see chapter General - First initialization - Initialization letter).

Note: Please note that an initialization is only possible if the access is in the state New on the bank side. If this is not the case, a window appears with the error message Subscriber unknown or subscriber state inadmissible. Please then contact your bank to have your access reset.

After the initialization the bank will appear in the overview of bank connections. The affected bank icon will initially have a yellow symbol with an exclamation mark.

This symbol will disappear as soon as your bank has activated your user. BL Banking automatically performs a review, but this can also be initiated by a manual update. To do this, right-click on the bank and select Update from the context menu.

Perform initialization

In certain cases it may happen that a bank connection is marked by a red symbol with a cross next to the icon. This is the case, for example if a new bank was added in a multi-user installation. The users, who have not set up the new bank, then have to initialize with it.

Another case is that the keys for the bank connection are not up-to-date or damaged. This can happen for example after a data restore or a program crash. Also in this case you must re-initialize with the bank.

Note: Please note that also here you must have your access reset by the bank.

Initialize by right-clicking on the new bank and selecting Do initialisation from the context menu.

Enter your user ID for the new bank in the following dialog box. You can also set the signature version and key lengths. This can also be done retroactively (see section Restore key).

As described above, the initialization is performed after clicking Finish, and the INI letter is displayed. The next steps also correspond to those of the first initialization or the set up of a new bank.