Destination directory

Please indicate the program directory in which to install BL Banking. If you have administrator rights for the computer, you can choose the default program folder of your operating system here and additionally enter a subdirectory (e.g. for Windows C:\Program Files\BL Banking, for MacOS /Applications/BL Banking). In this case another dialog box is then displayed, where you can choose the Workspace directory. Here for Windows C:\ProgramData\BL Banking\workspace and for MacOS /Users/MyUserName/Library/Application Support/BL Banking/workspace is suggested. The user of BL Banking must have write permissions for this directory.

Note: For such an installation in the program folder of the operating system, only a user with administrator rights can perform an update of the program.

Alternatively, you can also install the program in a directory, where the user has write permissions (e.g. for Windows C:\blbanking). For this case you don't need administrator rights for the computer. Then no further dialog box appears, but the workspace directory is created in the folder selected by you (e.g. C:\blbanking\workspace).

Please proceed as follows if you plan to install BL Banking on a USB stick (see section Installation scenarios).