Reset user

With this dialog box you can reset a user, so that he has the possibility to log in again if he has forgotten his password. The existing data of this user remain unchanged in this process.

If the user has the same password for the login and the Electronic distributed signature (EDS), he has to reinitialize his bank connections after the next logon. If separate passwords for login and EDS are configured in the preferences under Password requirements, you can also only reset the login password. In this case, the bank connections are not reset. However, the employee still must know his EDS password, as he needs this for the next logon.

In the two text fields, enter a temporary password, which the user must type when logging in again. If the checkbox below is left ticked, both the login password and the bank connections of the user are reset. At the next logon, the user will see the wizard described in section Initialization. Thus, the procedure is the same as for creating a new user.

If you have configured separate passwords for login and EDS and the user still knows his EDS password, you can untick the checkbox Reset bank connections. The user will then have to enter his EDS password at the next time logon and assign himself a new login password.