Display help

By clicking on Display help in the Help menu the manual is opened in a separate window. The table of contents is displayed as an expandable tree in the left column of the window. The manual is arranged into topics, which correspond to the structure of the program.

On the website http://www.blbanking.de/help you can also read the manual independently from BL Banking. This version is updated constantly and is therefore generally more up-to-date than the version that comes with the program. You can view this website directly in a web browser or configure in the preferences under Help - Content that the content from the website is displayed instead of the local help.


You can perform a full text search over the entire manual via the Search field in the top left corner of the help window. In doing so, the wildcards * and ?, as well as logical operators can be used. The usage of wildcards might be necessary, because only complete words can be found. At the left bottom of the help window there are tabs, which let you switch between the table of contents and the search results.

Questions and answers

Most of the problems in dealing with BL Banking can be solved easily and quickly. There is a list of frequent Questions and answers in the appendix of the manual.