Despite initializing, I am unable to use my fully installed bank - a small exclamation mark is displayed next to the bank symbol.

Your bank first needs to activate your first initialization. To do so, you must transmit the initialization log to your bank. BL Banking recognizes the activation by the fact that the bank can retrieve customer-user data (order type HTD) . After the HTD data are successfully retrieved, bank access in BL Banking is activated and the exclamation mark disappears.


How can I exchange the certificates in the French client if they have expired?

The certificates used in the French client are limited to five years. The renewal procedure varies depending on whether EBICS-TS or EBICS-T is used.


If the previous token has not expired yet and you have received a new token, from version 1.9.75, you can change the token with an assistant. This is started from the context menu of the bank with the item Change PKCS#11-Token (for all banks). The new token is valid immediately after completing the wizard.

If you are using an older version or the previous token has already expired, you have to create a new user and initialize him with the new token. To do this, the subscriber must first be reset by the bank. Then you call the user administration from the main menu Edit, create a new user and initialize him with the new token. New INI/HIA letters are generated, which you must sign and send to the bank. After the bank has released the access, the client can be used with the new user and the new token. The old user can be deleted.


From version 1.9.75, you can create new certificates by reinitializing yourself with the bank. To do this, click on Do initiatialisation in the context menu of the bank.

If you are using an older version, you have to delete the files 0.keybag and before initializing. The files are located in the workspace directory under keys\username. See also FAQ 207. The number in the file name may also be another than 0 (zero). FAQ 77 describes how you can determine the bank from the number.

Please note that in any case you must have your bank reset your account before initializing.

FAQ 203