File status

The status of the orders (files) is shown in the overviews Signed payments and Sent files.


The file has been properly transmitted to the bank and will shortly be prepared for the electronic distributed signature if this is specified for this file type. In this case, the display would switch to the next status.

Waiting for signatures

The file has not yet been fully signed. For instance, in case of joint disposition authority, only one person with disposition authority has signed, or no one has signed.


An error occurred during the signature. A person with disposition authority may not have signature authority for the account in use. You can find out more details in the associated customer protocol.

Signatures complete

All required signatures have been provided. The bank will now execute the payment in consideration of the account balances.

Transmission confirmed

The successful transmission was confirmed by the customer log issued by the bank.

Transmission not confirmed

The file may have been transmitted to the bank, but the transmission was not confirmed This status can for instance be displayed when a timeout occurred.

File canceled

The order was rejected by a person with disposition authority during the EDS.

Waiting for signatures!

This status can occur when an order has been pending in the EDS for an extended period and is waiting for a missing signature. By setting this status, the bank is alerting that the order will soon be deleted.

Status notifications

If your bank provides status notifications, in addition to the above states, which are detected from the customer protocol, there are also:

In the case of non-final status codes, such as PNDG or ACSP there are:

In certain situations, the addition Notifications exist is displayed in parenthesis with the state.