Remote support

Using the TeamViewer remote maintenance software, the Business-Logics team can assist you quickly and effectively if you run into problems. If you would like this type of support, schedule an appointment with Business-Logics by phone or e-mail. Then please click Help - Remote support by Business-Logics in the menu. Now the website of TeamViewer is opened in your browser and the TeamViewer QuickSupport program is downloaded. Depending on the settings of your browser the software is started automatically on your computer, or you must start it manually after the download.

You now need to provide the ID and password that is displayed in the TeamViewer QuickSupport window by phone or e-mail to the employee at Business-Logics. The employee can now remotely look at your screen and solve your problems together with you.

Notes: If BL Banking does not start anymore and therefore the menu item is unavailable, you can download the TeamViewer program from the following address: