Payee for international transfers

Here you can record a recipient for an international transfer in XML format.

Display name

Enter the display name of the recipient here. This is shown in the drop-down list when an international transfer in XML format is recorded.


In addition to the name of the recipient, you can also enter his address and country. To enter the address, click Enter and then you have several lines available in a separate window. The country can be selected from a drop-down list.

Bank connection

The bank connection can be entered with IBAN and BIC, as for a SEPA transfer. For recipients from countries without IBAN, you can enter the national account number instead. To do this, click on the IBAN button and select Account number. With the button below you can also select a clearing house instead of a BIC. Then you can enter a national sort code in the field next to it.


Here you can optionally enter the name, address and country of the recipient's bank.

Intended purpose

In this field you can use up to 140 characters to describe the purpose of the payment in more detail.

After clicking on Finish, the new payee is saved and displayed in the overview.