SEPA payments

Scheme for SEPA payments

Here you can adjust the format version to be used for SEPA credits and debits. Schemes with an additional version number, e.g (V 2.7), refer to the SEPA formats issued by the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft and are used by German banks. Furthermore, BL Banking supports further XML formats according to ISO 20022, which can be identified by the version number pain.00X.001.XX. These are for instance used by French banks.

This setting becomes effective, when a payment is imported or recorded manually, and then transferred to the bank. However, if the payment is transmitted directly as an external file, the format of the file remains unchanged.

Maximum value for the execution date

Some banks limit the execution date of a payment, i.e. it may only lie a certain time in the future. If you learn of such a restriction, you can set the number of days here that the execution date can lie in the future. If you then exceed the time during payment recording, an error will be reported and the date will be corrected.

Lead time for SEPA debits

Here you can set the lead time in days the bank of a creditor needs to transfer a SEPA debit to the bank of the debtor. This is used together with the execution time cycle to validate the payment date when recording a debit.

Maximum number of urgent payments per file

Some banks only allow a certain number of express payments in one order. If the value you set here is exceeded during signing multiple open payments or while directly transferring a file, the payments are distributed over multiple orders. These are visible in the accompanying ticket. When directly transferring, additionally a message is displayed before signing. The default value of 0 means there is no restriction.