Payment Import

All orders displayed in the list of pending electronic distributed signatures and the individual items contained in these can be used as open items for import into the payment processing data entry function.

No individual items can be imported from orders that were already signed or rejected. Use the import function for this, which you can reach via the File - Import menu.

Import as open payment

This function primarily makes sense if you have already transmitted an order to the bank, but notice before the final signature that this order contains an error, and you wish to delete or edit individual items in the order, and then resubmit the order to the bank. In such a case, right-click on the respective order in the Electronic distributed signature tab and select Import as open payment with a left-click.

A dialog box now appears, which displays the bank and payment method. By clicking the checkboxes, you can also transfer the originator and recipient contained in the order as master data. If you have created folders in the overview Open payments, you can select one of them here, in which the imported file will be stored. Click on Finish to start the import.