Account statements

I am unable to see my account statements - no data is retrieved from my bank.

Account statements are provided by your bank - this must generally be set up separately by your bank. If your bank has not done so, BL Banking cannot provide you with statements. Please contact your bank. If you have general problems with your Internet connection this could also be the cause. In this case, please check your Internet connection. It may of course also be possible that your account simply has no posted transactions. Since transactions are generally only provided as an electronic account statement after the installation date, earlier transactions are generally not retrievable. When no transactions are posted, the bank transmits no data.


I accidentally deleted the account statement, do I now have to newly set up the bank access?

You can simply retrieve a deleted account statement again from the bank within a certain time. Bank usually keep account statements for at least four weeks.

In BL Banking select Retrieve file from Bank from the Actions menu. In the dialog box change the option from From the currect allocation to Over a period of. Then adapt the period, so that the desired account statement lies within the period. Then select STA from the drop-down list order type and click Retrieve.

The missing account statement will then be retrieved from the bank and displayed again.

FAQ 12

How are the month names in the account statements of BL Banking used?

German: as a number from 01 to 12, date format: dd.MM.yyyy, e. g. 01.01.1970

English: abbreviated month name - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec - date format: dd-MMM-yyyy, e. g. 31-Jan-1970

French: abbreviated month name - janv., févr., mars, avr., mai, juin, juil., août, sept., oct., nov., déc. - date format: d MMM. yyyy, e. g. 1 janv. 1970

FAQ 22

How can I export an account statement in the format MT940?

Mark the account statement and select Save as from the File menu or the context menu. The statement will then be saved in the original format. On the other hand, with the menu option Export it is converted to the CSV format.

See also chapter Account statements - Save account statements.

FAQ 86

While retrieving account statements the message Retrieval not possible appears.

Further in the message is says: No data can be retrieved from any bank as the authorization for this is missing.

Either the permission is really missing or another order type is used, e.g. C53 instead of STA.

You can check this yourself by double clicking on the bank under Jobs - Bank connections and then choosing User profile. There you can check in the Order types tab whether you have the permission for STA or C53.

If you have found out that a different order type for retrieving account statements was configured on the bank side, you can change the order type in the bank properties under Accounts statements.

FAQ 169