Question 127:

What does the error message EBICS_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED mean and what can be done?


The error message 061001:[EBICS_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED] (EBICS error number 061001) comes from the bank means that the keys you use do not match with the keys at the bank. It could also mean that your bank connection is not yet activated at the bank.

You could try to find the correct keys, for example from a backup or from another USB stick. The key files are located in the directory workspace/keys/<UserName> and have the names <N>.keybag, where N is the internal number of the bank.

If this is not possible, you need to reinitialize your bank connection. To do this, you first need to contact your bank to reset your connection. You can then perform the initialization by selecting Restore initialization from the context menu of the concerned bank. Finally you need to send (or fax) the new INI letter to the bank and wait for being activated.

See also chapter Jobs - Bank connections - Block bank access.