Question 158:

How can I recover a corrupt H2 database?


In rare cases in can happen that the bundled H2 database is damaged.

If BL Banking can detect the damage by itself, during startup a window with the Text The H2 database could not be opened is displayed. After clicking Yes the program automatically tries to recover the database. After a successful recovery the login window appears.

If BL Banking starts, but then you notice yourself that the database is damaged, you open the window Database in the preferences and click the button Recover the H2 database.

If the damage is not detected, but BL Banking still does not start, the recovery can be started manually by passing the parameter --h2-recovery to the program. To do so, open the command line terminal and enter the following commands. The further procedure is the same as with the automatic detection.


cd \path\to\blbanking
"BL Banking.exe" --h2-recovery

Mac OS

cd /path/to/blbanking
open BL\ --args --h2-recovery


cd /path/to/blbanking
./BL\ Banking --h2-recovery