Question 155:

How can I start the H2 database without BL Banking?


First of all open the file in a text editor. The file is located in the workspace directory. There replace the line with jdbc.url by


where DB_SERVER stands for the name or the IP address of the computer, where the database shall run.

After that, extract the file h2-1.3.176.jar from the archive de.businesslogics.banking.database.h2_1.3.176.jar. This is located in the subdirectory plugins under the program folder of BL Banking. For this purpose use an archive program or a command line instruction, e. g.:

unzip plugins/de.businesslogics.banking.database.h2_1.3.176.jar h2-1.3.176.jar

Then start the database with an instruction from the command line, e. g. for Windows:

C:\BLBANKING\jre\bin\java.exe -classpath C:\BLBANKING\h2-1.3.176.jar -tcp -tcpAllowOthers -baseDir C:\BLBANKING\workspace

where the BLBANKING directory must contain the JRE, the extracted H2 file and the workspace directory.

Then a message will be output in the command line window, e. g.

TCP server running at tcp:// (others can connect)

Please note that the clients must have write permission on the workspace directory, as it is the case for the network installation.