Password requirements

In this window you can define the requirements that users of the program have to adhere to when assigning the password. These requirements do not apply to the use of smart cards. The password requirements are set with the field Minimum length and the following checkboxes.

Password change in days

Enter here the number of days after which the password expires and a new one must be assigned. Zero means that the password never expires.

Password history checks

Here you can define how often a new password must be assigned before an previously used password can be taken again. Zero means that old passwords are not checked.

Use separate passwords for login and EDS

If this option is set, users can assign separate passwords for login and electronic signature. For this, there is then an additional button in the dialog window Security. In the default setting this checkbox is not set. If you then click it, you will be advised in another window that this setting can only be made once and then cannot be undone. After that, this and the checkbox below are grayed out and cannot be changed anymore.

Check key directory during program start

With this option, the program checks during startup, whether the key files are located in the storage location that is known to the program. If for example the keys are stored on a USB stick and this was not inserted before login, a dialog window would be displayed, which would prompt for the storage location. With this ckeckbox not set, this window would only appear if for example, you would have to enter your password during signing an order.

Delete EBICS keys when a user has been locked

If a user has entered a wrong password five times when logging in, he will be locked. If this checkbox is set, the EBICS keys are also deleted in this case.

Allow removal of the last Yubikey security key

If there is only one security key left for two-factor authentication, it can only be removed if this checkbox is set.