Colors and fonts

This is where you can configure the colors and fonts used by BL Banking, allowing you to manage the layout of the application to suit your needs.

The left side shows a list of colors and fonts activated for the various application elements. A text field is located below this, which shows a Description of the selected element and a Preview of the current setting. The configuration is performed with the following buttons.


Depending on the application element selected from the list, a dialog box is opened with a color palette or a selection of fonts. Instead of clicking on this button, you can also perform the same function by double-clicking on the application element.

Use system font

If you select the font for an application element from the list, this button is activated with which you can set the system font.


After having changed an application element (color or font), this button is activated with which you can reset the setting to its default value.

Restore defaults

Using this button you can restore the default values for all application elements used in BL Banking.