Send parameters

Here you can set, which BTF or order type is used to send payments to the selected bank after signing. For a bank with EBICS 3.0, the BTF is used, for a bank with an older EBICS version such as EBICS 2.5, the order type is used. The values are preset according to the German EBICS specification, so that for German banks, you normally don't have to change anything here. The situation is different, for example, if you set up a bank access to a Swiss bank. In this case, e.g. for the SEPA transfer, you must enter the order type XE2 instead of CCT and the order type XED instead of CDD for the SEPA base debit.

To make a value editable, click once on it in the respective row under the column Order type or BTF. The value will then be highlighted and can be edited.