Software used

The software libraries listed below are used for BL Banking.

Library Purpose License License file
Java JRE Corretto Java runtime environment GNU General Public License 2.0 Classpath Exception GPL2-CE-Oracle.txt
Eclipse RCP GUI toolkit Eclipse Public License 2.0 EPL-2.0.txt
Bouncy Castle Cryptographie Bouncy Castle License bouncy-castle.txt
H2 Database Engine Database Mozilla Public License 2.0
Eclipse Public License 1.0
PDFBox Print PDF files Apache License 2.0 apache-2.0.txt
SWTChart Draw diagrams Eclipse Public License 1.0 EPL-1.0.txt
Apache POI Microsoft Excel format Apache License 2.0 apache-2.0.txt
GNU Unifont International characters GNU General Public License 2.0 Font Exception gpl_FontException.txt
Ebean ORM Database persistence Apache License 2.0 apache-2.0.txt
MySQL Connector/J Database connection GNU General Public License 2.0 gpl-2.0.txt
PostgreSQL Database connection PostgreSQL License PostgreSQL.txt
mssql-jdbc Database connection MIT License MIT.txt
Oracle JDBC Driver Database connection Oracle Technology Network License Oracle.txt
JRegistry Access to the Windows registry GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 lgpl-3.0.txt
Rhino Validate Javascript Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 MPL-1.1.txt
ZXing Create and read QR codes Apache License 2.0 apache-2.0.txt
Yubico Java Client Check Yubikey one-time passwords The 2-Clause BSD License BSD-2-Clause.txt