Order types

The following is a list of frequently used order types, which can be selected in various dialog boxes. Since EBICS Version 3.0, the BTF is used instead for bank-specific transactions.


Code Application File format Transmission direction BTF
DTE German domestic express payment DTAUS send n/a*
EUE Euro express payment DTAZV send n/a
AZV Foreign transfer DTAZV send XCT:DE_dtazv
RFT International transfer SWIFT MT101 send n/a
CCT SEPA transfer XML pain.001 send SCT_pain.001
CCU SEPA express payment XML pain.001 send XCT:DE:URG_pain.001
CDD SEPA core debit XML pain.008 send SDD::COR_pain.008
CDB SEPA business debit XML pain.008 send SDD::B2B_pain.008
CD1 SEPA core debit
with shortened execution time cycle
XML pain.008 send SDD:BIL:0CD1_pain.008
*) not standardized, must be inquired from the bank if needed

Account statements

Code Application File format Transmission direction BTF
STA Account statements SWIFT MT940 retrieve EOP:DE_mt940
VMK Advices SWIFT MT942 retrieve STM:DE_mt942
DTI Batched transactions DTAUS retrieve n/a
C53 Account statements XML camt.053 retrieve EOP:DE_camt.053_ZIP
C52 Advices XML camt.052 retrieve STM:DE_camt.052_ZIP
C54 Batched transactions XML camt.054 retrieve STM:DE_camt.054_ZIP


Code Application File format Transmission direction
PTK Customer protocol Text retrieve
HAC Customer protocol XML retrieve
PSR French customer protocol XML retrieve