Question 98:

What can be done if I forgot my password?


There are two approaches, depending on whether you are using a single-user or multi-user installation. For the various types of installations, see chapter General - Installation - Installation scenarios.

Single-user installation

First you need to have at least one bank to reset the bank connection.

Then run the program with the parameter --reset-password <username>, e.g. under Windows in the shortcut

"C:\blbanking\BL Banking.exe" --reset-password Max

or from the command line

"BL Banking.exe" --reset-password Max

Then re-initalized the bank connections that were reset. If not all bank connections were reset, the error message 091002:EBICS_INVALID_USER_OR_USER_STATE shows up. However you can still log on and subsequently initialize the other bank connections.

If no bank connections were reset at all, the error message will show too, and another message that the password was not changed.

If the data storage was encrypted, there is no way to rescue the data, unless you have a data backup. In this case you must delete the workspace directory and start from the scratch.

Multi-user installation

You can reset the password of a user via the User administration. For this purpose, you need another user, who must have administrator rights. He would have to log in and reset the password of the respective user. You can find a description for this in the chapter General - General functions - User administration.