Question 8:

I have connected my USB stick to the PC but am unable to access it.


Depending on the system in use, it may sometimes take a moment before the USB stick is recognized and becomes accessible as a new drive on the system. Please wait a moment - Windows will display the successful USB installation of a new device (drive) in the status bar. Please close any standard applications that begin to run (e.g. image processing programs to transfer digital photos) to start special processing for a new drive. When the new drive is installed, Windows will ask whether you want to start BL Banking by executing the program located on the drive (= USB stick). Please select this option - BL Banking will then start running. Alternatively you can locate the new drive in the Windows Explorer and open the .exe file located on the drive. If you cannot find the drive, there is a problem with access to the USB interface. It may possibly be blocked by your Windows registration. In this case please contact your assigned IT department or check the system/device settings on the system or contact your dealer/manufacturer.